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Motiwala and sons has provided its faithful customers with premium jewellery since 1929 and has made sure that every product is unique and special


Motiwala & Sons founded by Lt. Sh. Abbasbhai Mulla Abdeali Motiwala in 1923, has grown to unimaginable heights covering larger and larger scales of customers with passing time.The responsibility of carrying forward this good will conceived by Lt. Sh. Abbasbhai Mulla Abdeali Motiwala required someone with the same zeal and enthusiasm. Nobody could be more perfect for the role than Lt. Abdulla Sh. Abbasbhai Motiwala and Lt. Asgar Sh.Abbasbhai Motiwala who unfailingly displayed these qualities. Though our designs change with the changing times, our focus remains unchanged - 100% customer satisfaction.

At Motiwala & Sons, principles and ethics weigh more than money. Thus crafting jewellery in the purest standards is merely an extension of our personalities and beliefs. Purity and quality spreads faster than unblocked wind.During the recruitment process, considerable emphasis is placed on how empathetic and honest the individual is. These individuals are then trained in customer co-ordination for a brief period of time. Once the customer has brought a jewel, the deal does not end there. We also serve you thereafter. So if you are looking for a unique, beautiful, reliable and utmost satisfactory jewellery shopping experience, allow us to welcome you with an embrace!